TopGolf in Allen, TX

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Cameron D

Has anyone ever played this?  It is a driving range that has microchips in every golf ball.  When the golf ball is hit into the targets, it will register on a screen at your hitting bay.  This is very similar to bowling.  This picture was from when I was at their Allen, TX location.  They also have other locations in Houston, Chicago, and DC.

Cameron D


Yes.  They usually have a table at each bay and the games can range from 4-6 players I think.  They will have servers cater your to your group with food and drinks.  It is a very fun atmosphere! 



Dallin H

I haven't been to the new Top Golf location in Allen, but I've been to the Top Golf in Dallas. I loved it!  It really makes hitting balls at the range fun and educational - it is nice to get an actual read out of how far you can hit each club.

Christopher K

We have one here in Northern VA and it is a really great time.  Some buddies, adult beverages, and bar food, all while hitting golf balls.  I like it because you can make it as competitive as you like and the computer keeps track of everything.  The one here also has heated bays for those cold months.

Dr. Kovatchian

We are getting one here in Austin Soon!!!!

From the outside it looks really cool.