Golfing in Vegas...recommendations?

Angel park is a great track up in the mountains . My son and I love that course!

For sure the best value in LV is Boulder Creek Golf Course. It has 27 holes and is always in great shape especially the greens. It is the qualifying course for the Justin Timberlake PGA event, and I have spoken to quite a few of the pros who think this really a good track.

A lot of the courses close to the strip all say they are good but believe me, the greens and overall shape of the courses are not clost to Boulder Creek. Call Dave Enyeart the Pro there to set up your group. 702-294-6534

Paiute is always a good choice also.

Enjoy Kerry H

I'm playing Desert Pines in a tournament there the first week of March.  

I think I'll hit Boulder Creek while I'm there too.. Thanks for the recommendations!