Louisville, KY

I will be heading for work to the Louisville, KY area. Can anyone meet up to play and recommend a course for practice and play?

Depends on when you are coming, and when my brother is moving(supposed to be end of Apr).

When he gets here he will relieve me of some obligations that have kept me from playing golf or even touching a club.

Covered Bridge, a Fuzzy Zoeller course is across the river, the wind gets bad there this time of year.

I've been to several courses in the Louisville area, I don't think you will be disappointed with any.

I live 2hrs east of Louisville.

If my brother is here I could get away Wed 8th anytime, 9th for a morning round, start 9-11am(start midnight shift).

play: champions pointe (fuzzys other course), chariot run, nevel Meade, heritage hill. 

If you want to travel alittle Lexington has some nicer courses in my opinion Cherry blossom, Houston oaks, griffin gate 

I will be working from 8-5 monday through friday...

I found a decent place to stay about three miles from Fuzzy's covered bridge course. I am looking forward to playing. I am trying to locate a good instructor to help me fine tune my putting.