Golf in Vermont

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Skylar T

I'm going on a vacation to Vermont this summer and would like some good recommendations for courses to play. 


Green Mountain National is a great layout, it tends to play a bit slow however so be prepared for a 5 hour round.

Further up the mountain is the Killington course. Not to bad, a lot of target golf and huge elevation changes.

Another great place is Okemo Valley....

Josh G

Love Mt. Anthony in Bennington and Heystack are fun. Killington a good one too. 

scott g

Rutland C.C.

Bob G

A group of us go to Vermont every September.  We play Equinox, Stratton and Okemo.   Hands down, Okemo is the winner.  Just had this discussion at a dinner at my club here in Connecticut tonight.  Okemo was everyone's choice.

Taylor C

Okemo is a good choice too.  Just played it this week, it's a little too easy but fun to play.


Played Green Mountain, Okemo and Equinox over the weekend.  Green Mountain is tight and wooded.  A PGA sectional qualifier was held there on Saturday afternoon.  Okemo and Equinox are "resort" style courses that are shorter and more forgiving.  Equinox had the fastest and trickiest greens.  Okemo was in fantastic condition.  All good choices.  Have fun!