Long Island, NY Golfers

Fellow team Titleist members... Anyone out there from the Long Island, NY area. I was thinking we can arrange our own outing.


Your thoughts?...

just saw this.  I'm in the Philly area and headed up to Long Island on the 22nd or 23rd of October. 


I'd be interested in coming to a TT event in the future



Where in L.I. are you ? Im in Bayport .

I'm in Huntington. I usually play at Bethpage...

I'm headed to Long Island on Tuesday.  Hoping to be able to play the Black course.  I have my non-resident registration code and will be calling in within that 48 hour window.

Any idea how quickly it fills up for late morning or early afternoon on a weekday????

You should be able to get on during the week without a problem. But don't be surprised if you have to wait until the early afternoon. I'll be playing the Red course tomorrow.

Have not played in Nassau County this season but played just about everywhere in Suffolk ...... We can set something up . 

We should definitely set something up. My next day off isn't until next Friday. I can play at West Sayville or Timber Point. But those courses haven't been in the best of shape. Crab Meadow & Smithtown Landing are two other courses I play frequently.

We should definitely set something up. I usually play at Crab Meadow & Smithtown Landing. I can also play at West Sayville & Timber Point.