Whistling Straits

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Don O

Wish I had pictures, but it was overcast with occassional showers when I played the Straits.  No excuse on the sunny day at 100 degrees when I played the Irish during the USGA Women's Open down the road at Blackwolf Run.  The facilities are great and both courses are chock full of challneges.  Short of a 2000 mile trip to Bandon Dunes, this place is so not the midwest.  Biggest difference - the mist is not salty. 

Easy to see why Dustim missed he was in a sand trap.  The fairways are easy to play, but the terrain degrades rapidly off the edges.


Kevin O

Beautiful courses in that area...would love to play them all!

Don O

Kohler has the 4 courses and nearby is The Bull, and coming around Milwaukee is Erin Hills.  That's 6 of the top 10 courses in Wisconsin  all within an hour.    ....If TT wanted a place for a long weekend in the Midwest.  Nudge, nudge, Whistling Straits has Titleist rental clubs..

Rondarius W

That's cool.