What's the Hardest Course(Based on Slope Rating) That You Have Played

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Brady G

I love playing challenging golf courses.  I have heard that the slope rating goes up to 150 but I have yet to come across a course that's rated in the 140's.  The highest rated set of tees I have played was the tips at Kokopelli golf course in southern Illinois rated at a 137.  In your golf travels whats the highest rating you have come across and where was that at? 

Dr. Kovatchian

I would say one of the most difficult courses I have played is Whistling Straits in Kolher Wis.

Black Tees Par 72, Rating 77.2, Slope 152, 7790 Yards

Another really hard course is the PGA West Stadium Course, La Quinta, CA.

Tournament Tees Par 72, Rating 76.1, Slope 150, 7300 Yards.

Both are VERY Difficult the farther back you play!!! Only for the Insane!!!

Dr. K

Todd T

Kiawah Island, S.C. | 7,356 YARDS / PAR 72
Pete Dye, 81, has been torturing golfers for half his life, and the Ocean Course, strung along the Atlantic coastline with fairways and greens perched above sand, sea oats and sweetgrass, is perhaps his most Dye-abolical design. (Eight of our top 50 were created by the man they call the "Marquis de Sod.") The Ocean has the highest combination of Slope Rating (155) and Course Rating (79.6) in America, according to the U.S. Golf Association. With forced carries over marshes, endless waste bunkers and roll-resistant Bermuda grasses, the Ocean is a rare course that can bring tears and fears even to tour pros — it was dubbed Looney Dunes after multiple mishaps in the 1991 Ryder Cup. For the rest of us, it kicks sand in our face — literally when howling winds turn club covers into windsocks. Play it in the mornings when it's walking only. You can't cross the Rubicon in a golf cart.
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Joel L

I am a member at Echelon in North Atlanta. Our gold tees carry a rating of 74.9 with a 150 slope rating, 7100 yards. The course can be setup for tournament conditions rating 77.4 and a slope rating of 154 at 7500 yards. We regularly play 2 par 5s that measure over 600 yards and are 3 good shots to get on the green. When the wind blows it can get brutal. The biggest complaints I have heard from others are about the 510 yard par 5 14th. It rises 100+ feet from tee to green and plays 560+ yards, big bunkers in the layup area.

The biggest reason for our slope rating is the changes in elevation. The back nine has significant changes from tee to green and demands your entire game, uphill, down hill and side hill lies. The finishing holes on both nines are 2 of the hardest par 4s I have ever played. The rough is thick and the greens firm and fast. Rees Jones created a monster and I love playing it everyday. Check it out, http://www.echelonliving.com.

Joel L

Dan H


I'm right there with you man.  I like playing new courses over the same one everyday and am always up for the challenge of a tough course.  The toughest course I have ever played is a course that is no longer in existence as it was bought by Trump and used to be famous for the public course near Pine Valley.  It was called Pine Hill located just outside Philly and sloped @ 145 from the tips.  I have played others from the tips that were over 140 or right at it.  Most of the time I am with a group that is so intimidated by length and ready to quit the game I move up and play with them and work on my game in the meantime.   Keeps the game interesting for sure. 

Josh G

The top rated course I've played was 74.7/144- TPC Boston I got a feeling the course wasn't playing all the way up to its potential the day I played it. 

73.3/143- lost canyon in CA was a beast. 

Both were a lot of fun

Greg P

Bull Valley CC in Woodstock, Il.

151 from the tips at 7300 yds.  Shot an 83 despite hitting 3 OB.  Pretty proud of that accomplishment, but the course beat me up.

The other one that killed me was Butler National.  I think that plays from the tips at around 150 also.

Club Champion


Cedar Ridge here in Oklahoma is 76.7/129 @ 7290  and is as tough a test as I have played from the tips.

Paiute Wolf Course in Las Vegas is 75.5/145 @ 7604.  Longest Nevada course and is a beast.

For reference, Medinah #3 is 78.3/152 @ 7657 .   Just shows how good the Tour guys really are.


Tony C

I have played at Erin Hills before the reconstruction began for the US Open. I played from the tips for fun which was 8200 and had a rating of 80.7 and slope of 152. This dims in comparison to when I played Erin Hills recently. Now it plays at a mere 7800, 77.9, 145! Cool note, I met Pro V1x loyalist Mark Wilson at lunch during an event at Erin Hills!

Tony C

Josh G


Cedar Ridge here in Oklahoma is 76.7/129 @ 7290  and is as tough a test as I have played from the tips.

Paiute Wolf Course in Las Vegas is 75.5/145 @ 7604.  Longest Nevada course and is a beast.

For reference, Medinah #3 is 78.3/152 @ 7657 .   Just shows how good the Tour guys really are.


I played The Wolf as well. We moved up a set and that course was still a beast. Frequent visits from a very persuasive cart girl didn't help my score, but we had a heck of a time. 

Allen L

I’ve played four that were right up there in being tough courses.  A few years ago I went to each and played three full days from first tee time until dark.   I’d start on the whites then moved back to experience the game from the long tees.  At the time I was playing to a 4 handicap on my home course sloped at 124.

Pinehurst #2, Pinehurst, NC.  My favorite course anywhere.   Slope rating 130 from whites, 136 from blues.  Had a Double Eagle on my first day on the “Hall of Fame” hole.  I was used to fast greens but had never seen them like #2 had.  Caddy would give me a perfect line but it took three days to get slightly used to those things.  Broke 80 twice.

Old White Course, The Greenbrier, WV.  Second favorite.  Slope rating 128 from short tees, 141 for the long game.  I always play well here and staying at the hotel is just fantastic, keep going back.  The game from the back tees is challenging on the par 3’s, especially #18.  From the whites I will usually break 80, from the back tees I have done it once.

Harbor Town, Hilton Head, SC.  Third favorite.  Slope of 136 from the whites, 147 from the back tees.  Once I had figured out how to stay out of trouble on this course I had fun.  All of the par 3’s are a challenge with wind coming from the ocean.  Number 18 is spectacular.  Broke 80 on my second and third days.

Ocean Course, Hilton Head, NC.  Slope of 127 from the whites, 144 from the back.  I only played from the long tees once and it was more course than I could handle.

Lance R

Butler National in Oak Brook , ill is by far the hardest i have seen. Its 7,335 from tips with 78.1/ 152 for slope and course rating. The course is a beast. The second is Isleworth from the Tiger tees that plays about 7700 yds ( few tee boxs arent included on scorecard measurements) with greens elevated and crowned and guarded by deep face bunkers. I shot 78 at Isleworth and thought it was the round of my life and way better than the few 70s i have posted.


Bethpage Black Par 71 // 7,366 yards // Rating 76.6 // Slope 148

I keep getting my backside handed to me on this course. My goal for next season is to break 80 on the Black.


TPC Riversbend near Cincinnati, Ohio has a slope of 144 but that seems like nothing compared to these other courses! LOL

Todd T

PGA West in La Quinta is by far the hardest and visually the most intimidating course I've ever seen... When you see a sign on 15 or 16 that warns of a bunker with a twenty foot drop off you know you're in trouble... Gotta love Mr Dye