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Andrew H

Any TT members stuck in the snow like me?  Pennsylvania here. 

george t

Snowbound in Connecticut as well.  I did manage to get out and play on January 12, but it's looking bleak for the next few weeks. I've a 23 consecutive month playing streak going, so I'm hoping this clears in February so I can keep that going.


Yep.  Southern PA here.  Bitter cold and just enough snow to be annoying.

Andrew H

Same scenario here in York.  I managed to get out a twice a couple weeks ago.  This needs to go away.

Brian D

We got a teaser last Wed and it was 48 degrees in RI.  Got out to play, a little wet, but none the less...still played.  Now we are stuck with frozen snow on the ground and no warm up in sight. 

Hopefully it won't last too long.  I am ok with the cold, but the snow has to go.....

Scott H

Cape Cod here. Was out on Jan 19, but snowed in since.  Drove by Falmouth CC today and the 41* got us close. With the chilly setting back in I think the little bit of snow remaining will be there for a while more.  

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Steve H

Andrew H

Any TT members stuck in the snow like me?  Pennsylvania here. 

In Utah we have the snow, and even worse we have the ugly inversion.... Most have read I would assume that Salt Lake this past week was the worst air in the Nation.  With that being said, sure makes a beautiful winter picture....

Tom B

Central Mass., with a brand new set of 714 AP2's and beautiful bag, sitting here near the door dying for some action. You can only look at them and practice chipping in the living room for so long, watching the best troop around San Diego and the Middle East desert in stellar weather. The new sticks make the anticipation worse than most years. Think spring and hope that whatever that rodent in PA has to do next week actually happens.
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Steve, there has to be some drawback to living in the middle of the Rockies.  I well remember those inversions from my time at the U on the East Bench.  You could see all the way across the valley, but not the valley floor.


Frozen once again here in southeastern MA.  Good time for indoor putting practice!


I've mentioned this in another thread with the same "snowed-in" theme, but if you live within driving distance of Middleton, MA or Syracuse, NY there is a chain called Optigolf (more locations tba)... it is a simulated golf - sports bar. Has anyone been to one of these places before? Nothing beats the real thing, but when it's 12 degrees, there's two feet of snow on the ground and you got that itch, it's a great alternative.

I know there are a handful of similar establishments in the Northeast region - but I can't help give this place a free plug. If your a golf nut, I can't think of a better place to hang out on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon with some golf buddies. The simulators are pretty accurate... I'd say 5-10 yard difference than that of your actual yardages... they also give you as much time as you need on the simulated range to gauge your yardages before you start your round. The course menu is pretty substantial... plenty of notable tracks to play. The beers and mixed drinks are modestly priced... not gonna break the bank. And they got a couple hot waitresses/bartenders that will wait on you hand and foot... don't think I could draw up a better business plan myself... though they probably get killed the other 7 months out of the year.

If your in the area, you can't beat it.

Michael B

Bronx, NY course is covered in snow. It is supposed to get into the 40's this weekend, but will not be warm enough to melt the snow. Problem is it's too cold for too long to melt the snow. 

Josh G

Massachusetts is still snowed in...  Terrible weather.  It's between New Years and St. Paddy's that I always wonder why I live here

andy r

I am in CT and I have not played outdoors since 12/29.  If was not for a near by indoor facility I would have gone batty by now.

Temps are supposed to be in the 40's and 50's so the melting will begin in earnest in a day or two.

Thank god !!

Scott H

Cape Cod here…bundled up and played this past weekend.  We may have been the only course open for miles.  Now we are snow covered again.  But will enjoy the recent memory and hope for a quick melt.