Need your help! AZ trip playing Raver, Arizona Grand, Ocatillo

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My brothers and I are going on a trip in a week, we're planning on playing Ocatillo, Raven and Ariziona Grand... I'm just not impressed with the reviews I see for Arizona Grand and wondered if there are some recommendations. We've never been or played there before so I feel pretty blind on this one. Thanks Titleist Community!

Can't wait to try my new 913H 21 and 24 hybrids and new AP2's!


Christopher M

How much of an issue is cost? Arizona Grand has a resort front 9 and a desert back which makes for a fun round. I usually just play it in the summer when it's cheap and empty though. Can get really slow at times :/

Ryan G


Sean C

If you are playing the Raven you might as well play the Legacy instead of Grand. Big Break Ireland Alumni Andy Walker Is the teaching instructor at the Legacy. ( Great course )

Muriel M

You should try and play Wildfire. It is an awesome course!