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Heading to CO for the WOO. Is anyone here playing in it?

Josh G

Hi TT,

I'm heading back to the Keystone Ranch course in Summit County CO for a little homecoming golf tournament.  Every year they put on a 2 man scramble called the WOO (We're Open Open).  It's an absolute blast.  The course is a must play.  The RTJ jr layout is one of the most scenic course you'll ever see.  Is anyone here playing in it?

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  1. Mike C

    Looks like a beautiful setting Josh. Have fun and play well! Have a great time and be sure to share some pictures with the group.
  2. Josh G

    If you ever get a chance to play golf in Keystone CO, I highly recommend it.  Here's some snap shots from the round we played after the tournament.  My Buddy Dan and I shot 68 and placed third.  It was an absolute blast... if only it was more scenic.

  3. Mike C

    ... only if it was more scenic... yeah right Josh! 


    Looks like a great golf course and I love the panoramic views and elevation changes.  Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  4. Josh G

    Well the WOO was so much fun last year that I'm flying home and playing in it again!  I can't wait.  Golf tournaments are fun, but there's something extra special about a homecoming.  Dan-O and I are looking to better our bronze from last year.

    Wish us luck TT

  5. Speedy

    Good luck bud!!  The way you're playing this year, i think you'll do very well..  And what a beautiful course! 

  6. Jeff L

    Hey Josh--

    I think we were paired with you at this year's WOO. I was the fat dude that with the terrible game and was playing with my 13 year old who carried us for the day.  He's a Team Titleist junkie, and has been nagging me to get an account here forever.  I finally signed up tonight and was browsing around when I just ran into your post from awhile go...

    ..... so a belated "Thanks for playing with us. We had a blast."   Couldn't have asked for a better couple of dudes to get paired up with.  See you there next year I hope.

    (Or, if I've got the wrong Josh; ignore all of this :)

  7. Josh G

    Hi Jeff,

    You were definitely our playing partners!  Your son has some game for sure.  Maybe we can switch partners next year!

    In all seriousness I had a great time playing with you two, and I enjoyed talking TT with your boy.  Hopefully we see you again next year.

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