Heading to Charlton, Hilton Head, Savanna area this December

Hi TT,

My better half and myself are heading down to SC for a quick trip this December.  While I know it's not exactly peak season, I'm going to try to sneak in a round while I'm there.  I know all of these places have amazing courses, but I also know December can get a bit chilly (Like October/November in New England I'm guessing).  I'd really like to play Kiawah Island or Harbor Town, but I doubt I'll get to play both.  

What course would you pick?  Is it worth it in December?  Has anyone here played both?  Is there something better out there?

Thanks in advance TT!

I've seen Harbour Town but never played it and it does look really nice however if i had to pick one i would choose Kiawah Island.  Just b/c the PGA Championship was held there and I love holes that are along the ocean.  One of my neighbors actually went down to the PGA Championship when it was held there and said the course was amazing.

There's something about Kiawah Island that seems more appealing than Harbour Town...

Good luck choosing and i don't think you can go wrong with either one of them. 

Both are great courses. Played Harbour Towne twice this past spring. I would go with Kiawah Island though as Habour Towne really didn't do too much for me from a course architecture and views perspective.


I've been to Kiawah but didn't play and I've never been to Harbor Town.  But from what I've seen, Kiawah is the hands down winner between those two.  I would expect a round at Kiawah in December could be a lot of fun.  Potentially expect British Open type conditions.

When are you going?  My wife and I are thinking about going to Myrtle Beach after Christmas.

I have played both Harbor Town and the Kiawah Ocean Course and enjoyed playing both.  They are both excellent courses, but different.  If you only have time for one round on the trip, I would go with the Kiawah Ocean Course.  I have never played in December but I can imagine that it could get a little interesting with the winter weather at Kiawah.  Make sure you take your FJ rain gear for sure and bundle up!

We're going early in December so hopefully it'll feel like fall down there.  Either way I'll be layered up in FJ gear.  

It sounds like Kiawah is the favorite.  I can't wait!

Now if anyone has food or activity suggestions I'm all ears.

Been to HT, and played Kaiwah Island. Go for the island!

Josh - I am not a fan of Harbour Town.  Overpriced and most of the holes are not very exciting.  I do like #9 and #17.  The rest of the course is OK, but the price is pretty steep.  If you are in Hilton Head, there are many other options including one of my favorite resorts, Palmetto Dunes.  Port Royal and Shipyard are also good tracks.

Have a fun trip!

It's official! I've talked my better half into Kiawah.  Tee time is booked!  I may get one more round in, but it'll be a game time decision if we do.

Has anyone on here played The Ocean Course before?

Any idea what the conditions/weather is like down there right now?  I know we've been getting storms from that area in Boston.

Also, I'll be walking with a caddy, which will be new to me.  I've only had a four caddy with carts before, so this should be a cool experience. 

Enjoy the trip, sounds like fun. Post some photo's if you can.