Forged Vokeys?

Started by : Justin H |

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Justin H

Just wondering if there are forged Vokeys on the market, or if my SM2's are forged?

Todd T

When I did my fitting with Mr Vokey he said its in japan because they want it and are willing to pay the price.. He also said only a very few Pros could tell the difference.. So I doubt they'll ever come to the USA!

Stephen M

I have never understood why so many people are hung up on this forged vs cast subject. I've had Japanese forged vokeys, and my Hand Ground cast vokey feels softer. Probably because it's not plated. Also, if they offered raw forged heads, people would complain about how fast they wear.

Ekawin J

In Japan, there is a forged wedge called Cold Forged.

Here is the link: