TX3 grove selection?

Need a suggestion from a Titleist Fitter; If you play a 55 loft, do you suggest a 54 with the narrower/deeper tx3 or 56 with wider tx3 grove? I can make either one work as far as bounce is concerned. Just want to know what grove would be best at 55 degrees. Thanks
Any help from Certified Titleist fitters on this one? Thanks

Hi Stephen-

What types of shots do you generally play with the 55?  If you mainly play greenside shots and are looking to maximize spin from long grass and the sand, then you will probably want the deeper grooves found in the 56. If you're looking for consistent spin and trajectory control on full shots, then you'll likely benefit more from the grooves in the 54. Let us know if you need any help finding a Titleist certified fitter in your area or if you have other questions.

Brice Waddell
Titleist Golf Clubs Marketing 

That's a tough one. My 55 has 50/50 duty as my 110yd club and sand wedge. Knowing myself, I'll probably have to try both. Thanks for your time! Stephen