SM5 M Grind vs S Grind

Thanks for the information. As a SM4 player it's good to see what other players are experiencing with the newer titleist wedges.

I was lucky to see the peeps from Vokey at The Patriot Cup this past weekend.

From what I got was S is for Square (Also based on work with  Stricker)

M is for More Versatile for the golfer who plays different shots like a Flop Shop.

Im playing M Grinds and b4 I found out the meanings I just said M is for MONEY Shot  ;-)  


I just bought the SM5 - M grind 54 and 58 degree wedges and before I use them, i am having second thoughts because I am a 15 handicap who plays in all kinds of weather conditions being from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I did some research but never hit the SM5 and I learned that the M grind is the most versatile wedge, which is why I chose them. 

I would say I am more of a digger but I only take large divots when I slow down the swing when I am not confident about the shot. The bottom line is that I want the most versatile but also the most FORGIVING wedge between the M grind and the S grind. I checked out the vokey site and I still couldn't get the answer I am looking for. 

What I mean by versatile is that I want to use the wedge comfortably out of bunkers and I want to use the 54 degree on full shots from 80 to 100 yards out and the 58 degree from 50 - 75 yards on full shots and then I want to pitch and chip with the 58. 

What is the most forgiving club in the sand and on full shots the M grind or the S grind and why? 

I appreciate any insight that anyone can provide.