Wedges with 714 AP1

Started by : Chris M |

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Chris M

I have played a 52/56/60 Vokey wedge set for years and have them fairly dialed.  I am a 10 HCP.  I want to switch from miz MP Irons to 714 AP1's, which I have tried and like, because of the way I can hit the 4-6 irons.  What I'd love to do is go 4-9i with the AP1's and add another Vokey wedge, as I don't like the AP1 PW.

My concern is the AP1 9i is 40 degrees.  Does anyone have experience with the (preferably 714) AP1's and a 46 degree Vokey?  What is the yardage gap?  My primary concern is this gap right here.  I think I can deal with the 46-52 gap just fine.

Steven H

I did it with my CB710, went for a Vokey PW and had it bent by a degree to get an even gap.

stuart c

I have the 712 AP1's and a 246, 250, 256, and 60k.  No worries about the gap between the 9 and 46.  I can choke down and hit the 9 10 yards shorter or hold it normally and hit it well.  The 9 is a very good iron with great flexibility and the 246 is very consistent.