graphite shaft for wedges?

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James K

I use 712 AP1 with Tour AD 65i graphite shaft. I am thinking of shafting my vokeys with the same shaft? any comment on using graphite shaft on wedges?  Thanks!

James K

Bubba, TT Staff

Thanks for your prompt answer!

I have AP1 GW but currently playing 48, 54, 60 Vokeys.  I switched to AP1 graphite last year and started noticing some kind of disconnect when taking a full swing on 48 Vokey.  distance control also become an issue,  AP1 PW can go 120-125 yards and 48 Vokey can only go 105.  The reason of using 48 Vokey is mostly for chipping uphill and bump and run as I get more feel from it vs AP1 GW.

I will take your advice and put AP1 GW back and only use 54 and 60 Vokey for short game.  I may have to adjust my game a bit.

Thanks again!


Hi James, 

Thanks for the question. 

When it comes to shafts in your wedges, it is really player dependent. Some players like the heavier, stable feel of a steel shaft. Others like the softer, lighter feel of graphite. As a fitter, I typically suggested keeping the same shaft in the GW as the irons, mainly because both clubs are used for similar shots. When it came to the higher lofted wedges, many people preferred a little heavier shaft. 

It is always best to see a local fitter, but hopefully this gives you some direction.