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New Vokeys?

Charles W

I am still playing my old square grove spin milled Vokeys and the faces are quite used up...  So my question is has anyone bought the new wedges with the "Spinner" shafts.  This is standard equipment in the new miz wedge just not sure where to turn next in the wedge world..

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  1. Chris S

    I don't play the spinner shaft, but you won't be disappointed with Vokey wedges! I think they have the best feel and  est performance. Love my Vokey's

  2. Jeff L

    Like Chris I have no experience with the spinner. I played some other wedges for about 15 years and was fiercely loyal to them. I did switch to vokey for , what I felt was, their superior feel. They feel heavier than my current wedges, but it helps me be more aware of the club head's position on partial shots and does not seem to sacrifice feed back at contact. That may sound strange, but I swear to you it is true. 

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