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Vokey 256 Wedge

Scott J

A while back I picked up a Vokey 256 wedge from a reputable dealer on eBay. I believe this is an older model 200 series with the non-conforming grooves. I only play for fun, not competitively, so the non-conforming grooves is not an issue. While trolling some forums recently, I read some discussions about serial number stampings and realized that this particular club has no such marking. I began to wonder if it was perhaps a fake, but it seems that the lack of a serial number does not necessarily mean that is not genuine. It also appears that the stamping "Tour Use Only" is unusual for a Vokey wedge. I do know that it was refinished in this black oxide finish before I purchased it. I do like the club and how it feels when the ball is struck, and bottom line that is what matters. I'm wondering though if anyone here can help me with determining whether or not it is a real Vokey wedge or if it is not. Again, I'm happy with the club but would like to know for sure.

I was also luck enough to pick up one of the recently released 452 Indigo wedges (Directly from Wedgeworks, so I know that one is genuine). It looks truly awesome and I can;t wait to try it out.

Thanks & best wishes to all for the New Year.

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  1. Ken W

    Scott, I believe only heads that were part of a custom order were stamped with a serial number in the 200 series. I have two pre-owned 400 series with one being stamped and one not. All the fonts on your wedge look to be the right size and the stamping is perfect. These are always important things to check when it comes to authenticity. Vokey wedges of this time period are very unlikely to be fake as counterfeiters were mainly focused on high end drivers and also more expensive iron sets. Nowadays, single clubs like Vokeys and Scotty Camerons are highly counterfeited because increased online sales have made them more accessible to USA and Canada buyers. As to the "Tour Use Only" stamping, my guess is it was added afterwards. It's very nicely done though as is the finish. Good job on the paintfill too.
  2. tdogg21

    Like Ken said, it's probably unlikely someone would make a counterfeit 200 series.  Just not enough money in it.  The "tour use only" stamp is probably added by someone and not Vokey.  But with all of that said, it's a great looking wedge.  I like the color of the head with the paint fill.  And even if it's not "authentic", I like the "tour use only" stamping.

  3. Scott J

    Thanks to both of you for taking the time to reply. Nice to know it's likely real. As I said in my original post, what truly matters is that I like it - both how it looks and how it feels. I thought the "Tour Use Only" stamp was a nice touch too.

    Will post a shot of my new 452 Indigo, but those pics are on my home computer. Now THAT one looks sharp. Looking forward to that first shot that sticks about a foot away from the hole! Unlike a lot of folks who buy them, I did not purchase it to re-sell it for a profit. I bought mine for me and me only!

    Thanks again...


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