I have read some information and seen some images of the SM5s from another website and have to say that I am excited with the SM5 range of grinds, lofts, and finishes. The biggest factor I can't wait to test is the new TX3 groove.

Great going Titleist and Bob Vokey!

I am also looking forward to exploring the new options available in the SM5 line.  Thinking K-grind

I know that 3/14/14 has been marked down in my calendar. The new SM5 release cannot happen soon enough.

I'm planning to buy sm5 wedges,but cannot wait until 14th march.. Is there any pre-order schedules??

Hi,  You can place your order now with your local pro shop, but the launch date is March 14th. 

Cathi, I have spoke with a few of my local pro shops and most are saying they cannot pre-order the SM5 yet,

The new SM5's are going to be a home run for everyone! I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these clubs to test them out!


Cathi, I have spoke with a few of my local pro shops and most are saying they cannot pre-order the SM5 yet,

All shops can place the order for an SM5 now.  Let us know which shop you went to and we can give them a call.

will be placing an order for the TVD SM5's in possibly the F Grind although the M grind i play now is hard to beat in all conditions of play..come on 3/14!!!!

I'm excited for the SM5s!! They will be my first set of Vokey Wedges so I can't wait!!

If you haven't played vokey's in the past your in for real treat. Best wedges on the market and the new 5's are the new icing on the cake

I got to hit the SM5s last week during my fitting.  Great wedges, can't wait until I get them.

Thanks again Mr. Vokey - it was a pleasure to meet and work with you.

Whats the price?

So what's up with not having the new SM5 info, specs, grinds, shafts, etc, etc available on

Hello Cathi,

Try to place an order for SM5 with black nickel wedge shaft, and have been told is discontinue.

I am quite suprise, especially because the update on custom options have been done few weeks ago.

 Update 2014 custom option, for the FST company on KBS model for wedges

KBS Hi-Rev (Wedges) Std/Up-charge R, S, X 115, 125, 135 2.0˚ - 1.8˚ Mid
KBS Tour Black Nickel (Wedges) Std/Up-charge R, S, X 110, 120, 130 2.1˚ - 1.9˚ Low/Mid

Is it true that the black nickel is discontinued, if yes what will be the equivalent ?