Vokey wedge shafts...can you extend

I won a new SM 5 60 degree and would like to replace the cleve wedge I currently have. The cleve is 1 inch longer than the standard Titleist wedge, making the SM 5 feel really short to me. Is it ok to add an inch to the shaft handle is that considered a no no



Some repair shops can do this, but know it will increase the swing weight.  You may also send it back to Titleist to have the club re-shafted to your desired length.



All my wedges by Voke are 1/2" longer than standard...if yours are 1" longer you must be tall guy! I am 6'-6"...that being said personal preferences aside I would say it depends since your lob wedge you may prefer a little extra swing weight vs. a 48 or 52 but on the other hand you can always grind down the head to make it lighter on the back side so not affect the bounce and sole grind already part of the club.  JAT, Good Luck!