Swing weight on a shaft change

I'm looking to replace my AP1 45 PW and 48 Lob Vokey with a 46 Vokey bent to 47.  What can Titleist do with the swing weight if I replaced the standard wedge shaft with a TT 95 or KK graphite shaft?  I'd like to keep the SW between D2-D4.

Hey Don - hope the weather is finally warming up for you!  The XP95 can be built to D2-D3 instead of the standard D3, but the KK shaft will build out at D0 -D1.  If you go to a slightly lighter grip, we should be able to get close to D2 on the KK and D3 on the XP.

Working with the Titleist fitter at the club on swing fixes off the mats so far.  Hoping to hit turf (finally) tonight and then work on a wedge fitting.  The better courses in the area aren't open, yet.  Dying to put all the theories on the ground.  The AP1 PW with a graphite shaft just doesn't have enough feel for anything less than a full swing.