SM4 L grind vs SM5 L grind

Alright guys,

This question could be difficult: I love the SM4 60 degree L grind wedge with 4 degrees of bounce.  (I have tested this out from a friend, and it likes me back.)  The SM5 60 degree L grind wedge also has 4 degrees of bounce.  Is there a difference between the two?  I realize the grooves are different, but what about the shape of the wedge, or the shape of the sole?  Do they differ in any way?  




Both soles are the same.  As far as the overall wedge profile, the SM5 has a shorter blade length, rounder toe, and taller heel height that will add to a slightly different look.  The grind and bounce will play the same for both wedges.



Thank you very much for the prompt answer, Cameron!  Very helpful!!  That was the type of info I was searching for.