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Vokey Brushed copper wedges


Hi All I am looking to get a set of the limited copper wedges ... does anybody know any retailer that still has some for sale in the UK thanks Simon

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  1. Tyler H

    Good luck in your quest. I have some and they are beauties. Your best bet might be eBay.
  2. JReeter

    The course I work at has several but we are located in Illinois, United States
  3. augusto r

    It’s available at EBay .Not cheap.
  4. david s

    Hi SSwindells,
    A retailer in the UK still has a 60 and 56 degree in the copper finish available, I bought the 58 from him.
    let me know if your interested and I'll forward you his details
  5. SSwindells

    where / what are they called please

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