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sm6 Raw Rust

Matt R

Hello everybody, I recently purchased 2 sm6 vokey wedges with the raw finish. I knew going in that they would rust over time but my first round with them I started to see rust forming on the sole. Is this normal? I didn't think they'd rust half-way through my first round with them.

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  1. Speedy

    I have one and yeah within a few days i started seeing little spots.... It's all rusted now and I love it!!!!
  2. 19hole

    Completely normal, nothing to worry about.
  3. Billy L

    The first time I played with mine the grass was wet and I had the same thing completely normal
  4. Gary D

    I've played the raw steel wedges in the past. Although you never asked, here's a tip for you. Naval jelly. It dissolves rust and allows you to clean the club of rust by wiping it on and off. I got tired of getting rust on everything in my bag so I cleaned the rust off every month or so.
  5. Steve N

    It's normal.
  6. Titleist_AU_Fan

    Completely normal. Nothing to worry about. Enjoy the wedges. I love the rusted look.

    Completely normal! If you are not a fan of the rust let them soak in vinegar over night and it will remove the majority of the rust
  8. Josh G

    Yup! That's standard for the raw wedge. I've got one that's my trusty rusty now. Let it rust baby!

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