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Determine Length

Ronald H

From what point A to what point B do you measure club length? Example SM 56* 10 is listed at 35.25"

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  1. Mr. Phine

    With the sole of the club flush with the floor, measure from the floor (heel side) up along the length of the club. There are two points where you could stop your measurement at the grip where this will give you the raw length or total length. Raw length is to the bottom side of the cap of the grip (or white line if there is no cap) and the total length is to the top of the cap on the grip. Usually this difference is like a 1/4 of an inch. I believe Titleist uses the raw length for their listed measurements and custom club orders
  2. Joseph M

    Titleist standard iron lengths are listed as 1/4" longer than miz, however, others posts I have read (not Titleist) have compared "off the shelf" miz and Titleist clubs and found them to be the same "finished" length which would indicate that Titleist length measurement must be to the top of the grip cap. This comparison was several years ago so the Titleist measuring method may have changed-hopefully Titleist will confirm how they actually do measure as it would be of interest (and assistance) to those coming to Titleist from other brands where they could take this information along with the lie differences to make an informed buying decision.

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