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Best way to rust a wedge


Hey everyone what are your thoughts on rusted wedges and any tips on how to rust them?

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  1. Todd T

    Navy/Naval Jelly..
    Leave wedge in salty water..
  2. Scott L

    Damp a rag with salt water and wrap it once a week for the winter.
  3. Travis W

    Send it down here to Florida. Everything rusts within a week here. Or leave outside over the winter.
  4. Rick M

    As someone said put it in coke overnight. If it's chrome you are out of luck I think. You can also buy a wedge from Vokey's Wedgeworks that doesn't have a finish and is made to rust. I have a 56 deg and it rusted up quickly.
  5. richard f

    Leave it outside
  6. david s

    Coca Cola, other colas are available!
    took all the finish from my oil cans leaving them to rust up..

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