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Mat N

Hi....hoping that you can tell me if Australian Golf Online ( is an authorized Titleist retailer/reseller....thanks....Mat

ken M

Hi Mat  iam looking at upgrading my driver shaft 910 and the two shafts that iam looking at are the Fujikura Motore speeder vc 7.2 and the oban Kiyoshi shafts and I would like to try them before I buy one because as you may know they are about $400 to $500 a shaft but the  titleist  fitters here in Tasmania don't carry them in the fitting carts.So would know a way I could try them before I buy.


Hi all I wish I had seen this advice beforehand, as I have stupidly ordered two Titleist products off this website. My first delivery took over 5 WEEKS to be delivered and as of the date of this post, I have been waiting and am STILL waiting for my second order after ELEVEN weeks. With them advertising 7-10 days delivery! My strongest advice to anyone thinking of buying from this website is quite simply... DON"T!!!! CBDee