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Titleist 913 drivers

alex m

cant weight until 913 comes out

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  1. David M. -Team Titleist ANZ Manager

    Neither can we Alex.  Remember to keep your profile up to date because we will be inviting Team Titleist ANZ members out to some special preview days to try the new 913 before it goes to stores.

    Thanks for your note.



  2. Matt H

    When and where will that be ? Saving up to get one, can't wait


  3. joshua l

    Are the AP2 coming out aswell with the 713 ? Or should i just buy the AP2 712 this week, the buy the  913 in november ?


  4. David M. -Team Titleist ANZ Manager

    Hi Joshua,

    About how Titleist name our golf clubs.

    913 is the series designation for the new family of metals. Titleist continues to release metals under the 900 number designation with the “9” standing for metals and the “13” indicating the new model year, 2013.

    The same is for the irons - 712 is the series designation for the family of irons released in 2012. etc and previous models 710 (2010).

    There are no new Titleist iron models scheduled for release in November 2012.

    Hope that clears up any confusion.



  5. Matt H

    Just played my first round with my brand new 913D2 driver :) it is crazy good :) i love it to bits and cant wait to get its brothers and sisters in the 913 fairways....worth waiting for :)

  6. gojipoj

    Hi there, I recently bought a Titleist driver 913 9.5 and I'm very happy with it. I was however wondering how good or genuine is the Diamana Ahina 72 D+ shaft that came standard with it. I did tell the fitter that I ant a low flight low spin shaft and tha's the one that he recommended. 

    As I said I'm very happy with it but I was recently looking at the Motore Speeder Tour spec VC7.2 and was wondering how does it compare with that has anyone hit with both. The MOtore is a very expensive shaft and it's hard to get it up here on the Gold Coast to try out, so I was wondering how does it compare and how good or genuine is the diamana shaft. In some blogs I read that a real diamana is $300???


  7. alex m

    i want to get the sáme


  8. Trevor W

    I've previously been told at a club fitting - the cost of the shaft is only an indication of how many manufactures use the shaft as stock v's those who have an up-charge. It's a supply and demand game really. 


  9. Michael F

    I've gone from Diamana to Motore. Very happy

  10. Jarman R

    i just got titleist 910d3 910h and 910f love them alot. Simply are the best!!

  11. Jordie G

    these drivers are the best out


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