can you see if my serial number is genuine?

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Greg J

Im looking at buying a set of original 2008 Ap2's. The serial number is only on the 6 iron and is 1715568. Could you please check if this is a authentic serial code? Thanks Greg
Team Titleist StaffTitleist Staff Member

David M. -Team Titleist ANZ Manager

Hi Greg,

We get a lot of questions about serial numbers on the hosel of Titleist irons.  Unfortunately, unless you are purchasing the AP2 irons from an authorised Titleist stockist,  there is no way to check if the clubs you are looking to buy are authentic or counterfeit.

We would warn anyone buying second hand golf clubs, in store or over the internet,to not just go by the serial number that is lasered on to the hosel but to get further proof of original purchase from the seller.