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Jason G

I recently had a club fitting session and it is apparent that I need irons with a +4deg lie angle and longer shaft by 1 inch!! The toe of club consistently strikes the ground first and keeps club face open.

I heard that Titleist irons come with several options in terms of lie angle and +4deg is available. Does anyone know the lie angle options on Titleist irons?

Is it also possible to bend a forged iron (AP2 or MB models) by up to 4 deg?

Team Titleist StaffTitleist Staff Member

David M. -Team Titleist ANZ Manager

HI Jason,

AP1 and AP2 irons can be adjusted 4° up and 2° flat, so yes it is possible to have AP irons adjusted up to 4° upright.  The lie angle on CB and MB irons can be adjusted by 2° up and 2° flatter.

Thanks for the question.