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910 F 3 wood serial numbers

David B

I was thinking about buying a second hand 910 F 3 wood (UK) but from what I can see there are no serial numbers on the club. I have a 910 driver so I know where the serial number is on that.

Should all clubs have a serial number? 

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  1. David M. -Team Titleist ANZ Manager

    Hi David,

    Not all Titleist clubs have a serial number etched on the hosel or in the case of 910 /913 metals near the heel of the club.  The serial number is primarily used for custom orders and identifying production dates and the like.  We get a lot of requests by consumers to not have serial numbers lasered into the clubs when they are being built.  

    If you are based in Australia and concerned about buying counterfeit clubs online or second hand then the safest and surest way to purchase genuine Titleist clubs is to buy from one of our Titleist stockists.  To find your nearest Titleist Stockist click on the link at the top right on this website. Your Titleist store will advise you on the best way to get the clubs you are looking for - and you may even be able to purchase a second hand ex -demo club directly from them.


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