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I was just wondering if you have any idea of the biggest handicap drop in 1 year. I have been playing golf for only 7 months now. I started at 22 handicap and now 3 handicap. I shot my first time under par in 4 months and have had a hole in 1 last month. I am really interested in playing amateur tournaments next year and do my PGA traineeship. . I have been using a second hand set of cobra amps. I have just been fitted for my first new set of the ap2 714's and plan to be a scratch golfer by next year. I'm very new to golf and don't know how to go about a sponsorship. It might be a long shot but I thought it could be a good story like that guy in USA who wants to be a pro. Cheers, Trent 

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  1. David M. -Team Titleist ANZ Manager

    Hi Trent,

    Sounds like you will be turning professional in a year! 

    Titleist offers product support to Amateurs as well as PGA Tour players at all major events in Australia.  Our Leadership team are on site at every event ensuring players have golf balls, gloves and other necessary items for the week.  Acushnet Australia is also a proud partner of the PGA of Australia and we offer Trainee Professionals equipment support throughout their time.

    Good luck with your golf and dream of becoming a PGA Trainee.



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