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sebastien h

I'll get double digit.... 69 for the win :)

sebastien h

Mitch D

Hello Sebastien,

Yes it will be.  However, we've delayed the Canadian release to better time it with the opening of Golf Shops in Canada given our seasonal nature.  Look for the Canadian version to start near the end of March.  All Titleist Authorized Retailers will have full details.  However, if you have any other questions at that time please let us know or check out the post we'll have outlining everything.

There is already a buzz about the program so we're expecting great things!

Think you'll be getting Personalization or Double Play numbers?  What word or numbers do you plan to put on your golf balls?



Mitch D - Team Titleist Canada


Will this deal be avail this year?

I looking for double digit ;)


Tom E

Just wondering if this deal is done more than once a year? I am debating to stock up even more or just hold off a bit.  Thanks!

Mitch D

Hi Tom,
There are no plans at this time to offer this promotion at any other time throughout the year...So we'd suggest stocking up! ; )

Thank you for your interest in Titleist product.

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Shawn P.

I was able to take advantage of this promotion and got myself stocked up for this year. I look forward to this promotion as this is always the time I stock up. I did the same last year aswell. Thanks Titleist and Mitch for keeping this promotion alive.

Cheers Shawn