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Started by : Alex Z |

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Alex Z

Any news on when the new Team Titleist Gear will be introduced ?

Shawn P.

This is something that I have been waiting for and would draw a huge interest.. As a huge supporter of the Titleist brand I'd be proud to sport Titleist gear all the time.

Michael M

I am also looking forward to seeing the new gear!!  Hope it is out soon - Christmas is getting closer!

Mitch D

Hi Alex,
We just recently got some new items that have no yet been seen before.  Keep you eyes on Team Titleist as they just might be included in a month long sweepstakes in the months ahead..................... ; )

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Thomas S

This has got me excited. I would love to rep some Team Titleist gear for sure!

Shawn P.

Thanks for the heads up Mitch! This could get very interesting ;)

Alex Z

Great to hear Mitch. Anxious to get my hands on some as I am sure most of the others here are too.

Alex Z

Cant wait Mitch, thanks for the update.

Mark M

Sean A

is there any way that team titleist can have a store so that we can get team titleist gear?  That would be awesome and something similar to scotty cameron club, where you are a member and only have access to certain promos.



I think this is a great idea too. You can buy TPI merch but I'd like to get Team Titleist gear even more.