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Andrew S

Iv been reading on the american discussions that some of them are getting the new test ball. Are any Canadian Team Titleist members getting some to test?


Got them also!

Can't wait to give them a try!

Thanks TeamTitleist ;)


Andrew S

Got mine today cant wait to use them. 

Thanks Team Titleist 

Andrew S

Stephen M

Mine came too. can't wait to test em



Sean A

I received a sleeve of the test balls as well... so excited to try them tonight... will post my feedback tomorrow.

Thanks Team Titleist!!



Shawn P.

Look what just showed up at my door. Thanks Mitch and everyone at Titleist for including me the Testing of the new ProV1. I will be taking these to the course on my next round. I will also post my feedback once completed.

Cheers Shawn

Mine showed up as well today, thank you for including me in the process.   I am humbled to say the least.

I noticed that in the above picture of the balls that Shawn received, the number of the ball is in his sleeve is red and the sleeve that I received, the number is black in colour.  I'm assuming that these are (and he was sent) a sleeve of the ProV1x  and that mine are a sleeve of the ProV1. 

If this is the case, I applaud you Mitch because it tells me that you and Team Titleist actually do strive for excellence because this information can only be had by reviewing our profiles and thereby sending the appropriate ball to the actual end user for a proper evaluation.  

Again Mitch, well done in thinking of details such as this and thank you for my inclusion.

Mitch D

Hello F.J.L,
First, thank you very much for the kind words.  And thank YOU for your participation on Team Titleist Canada.

Profile information is most definitely taken into account when sending TEST product to our loyal supporters.  That is why we often send out reminders to Team Titleist Members to ensure that their profiles are indeed complete and accurate. 

Thanks again for your kind words and support.  We look forward to you feedback about the product.

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Alex Z

Enjoy the test balls guys. Please let us know how they perform compared to the current ProV's

Bilal M

Hello Mitch, 

Just wondering how I can get the opportunity to take part in the testing of the new Titleist balls? 



Matthew S

Got my balls late last night as well ProV1x

thanks Mitch!! 

First look the balls look identical, same dimple pattern but the colour looks slightly less white. Not sure when I'll get on course with them but they feel good off the putter face. Lol

Peter C

Just got my sleeve of ProV1x's too!!!!  Just need the weather to cooperate this weekend! :)

Thanks Team Titleist!!!!

Jeremy M

Would love to get a few of these to try out!

Steve H

HI everyone the people that get these tset balls will have to let me know howe they are.


Steve H

Stephen M

I tested mine today and had 2 1putt birdies and 2 chipins for pars. They are great and I am still in test mode.


Thanks Mitch






Hi guys!

Well, I played with the TEST balls today (walked and carried) and have just completed the survey and logged on here to share some of my observations .  Bottom line is, I was very impressed with the sleeve of black numbered TEST balls that I received from Team Titleist, just as I was impressed as well in all the previous year's introductions of the ProV1 (lol).    

Needless to say I'm a little tired because I played a two ball game with myself, I made it a point to hit the TEST ball first every time throughout the round and in most cases, used the same club for both balls on their respective holes.  The TEST balls were easily controllable from the Driver through to the mid irons where I had to hit full swings to three-quarter shots to knock-downs.

The short irons saw the TEST ball spin quite substantially and mostly jumped/spun to the right and then spun back once they landed, but with more play, I'm sure that I'll get used to it as it's easily controlled through practice.  The ProV1 that I presently use comes into the green with a "one bounce, two bounce... stop" and can always count on that type of performance from it.  So having experienced this additional spin/control factor from the TEST ball with short irons, I challenged all and any pitch/chip shots, with the TEST ball, taking advantage of it's softness and spin controlability and it performed admirably for that portion of my game.  The regular Prov1 did as well, but on several holes it was not as consistent in it's spin rate unless I was taking advantage of placing it higher into the wind. 

On a fun note, I had to perform several "Philthy Phil's" today because I found myself short sided, but only with the TEST ball for some reason, the TEST ball truly excelled.

Putting was a bit of a chore because the greens had been recently punched/airated but not top dressed with sand.  There is definately a softer feel coming off the putter head with the TEST ball, which I like because it forces me to smooth the stroke and commit to pushing the stroke and following through down the line.... loved the feel. 

With my regular ProV1, I shot par and with the TEST ball, shot two over par.  I wouldn't hesitate to introduce this ball to my game.