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Andrew S

Iv been reading on the american discussions that some of them are getting the new test ball. Are any Canadian Team Titleist members getting some to test?

Jake S

Just got the highly desirable little box in the mail. Thanks Team Titleist!!

Here's to hoping the forcasted snow doesn't stick around and I get a chance to test them.

Bilal M

Hi Team Titleist, I was wondering how long it would take the test pro V balls to arrive, if you are on the test panel list. 


Bilal M. 


The test balls with red numbers...... I am in Canada east of Toronto...the test balls came yesterday by regular mail...and today,friday Oct.19 2012 I tested them at my home course...Deer Creek Golf Club in Ajax Ontario...I played the Ruby/Diamond North Course.  The new test balls steadily hit 2-5 yards further off the tees(Blue tees) further than my PROv1x  and my  WilsonStaff Zip....... Approach iron shots went long onto back parts of greens giving the feeling of a harder ball that can be swung with less power ....the shots flew very straight and gave me feeling of confidence and consistantcy...I dont play spins onto greens and the ups and downs that were close stuck perfectly...these test balls landed my flops nicely,,getting under them for shorter flops felt like a softer ball with more short game accuracy.......Puting the new test balls with my Del Mar Scotty Cameron , they rolled better,further and straighter....I felt I had to ease up on my power on greens also as they came off the putter face slightly quicker.....a bit lighter touch impact would be enough to send them off well....they roll better......Overall they performed better than any ball ever .


    I played the Moe Norman Pro-AM Oct.2 2012 in Brantford Ontario . I used ProV1x .ProV1, and Velocity there...and the Velocity went the furthest and the ProV1x the more accurate . But after playing today with the new test balls I feel the new test balls are better all around and they are the best Titleist ball ever .

Kris B

Hi Mitch,

My Pro V1x test balls just arrived... thank you for including me in your Team Titleist Canada prototype golf ball test.  The first observation I made was that the prototype ball is much whiter than the current ball (something another member mentioned) also the A.I.M. (alignment Integrated Marking) Sidestamp is different than the current ball... longer and similar to what was used on the older Pro V1x balls, which I prefer because I do use it to align my putts... also the dimples on the Test ball feel slightly deeper (maybe just me but the dimples do feel different).   

I hope to get on the golf course in the next few days, weather and body permitting, to conduct the test and comparison of the present Pro V1x with the prototype Test ball and look forward to completing the survey.  Heavy rain out my door right now but the weather guy is calling for a few breaks over the next few days so I should be able to complete the On-Course Evaluation and survey shortly.  Thanks again for including this old duffer in your Titleist R&D process with my 13 handicap I may be able to give you some idea of how a mid to high handicap golfer finds the performance comparison between the old and the 3 test balls you were kind enough to send.  




I received a sleeve this week. I am in PEI, Canada. Used one yesterday. Hit every shot twice one with the test ball one with my regular Pro V1. Plan on doing this a couple of more week before completing my survey. Initial impressions were the ball felt more solid, gained 6-8yds in distance off the tee. Better spin control into the greens. I was impressed with the performance and there was not a mark on the ball when I finished playing and I have new SM4 wedges in my bag!

Peter C

Managed to get out and test my prototype V1x's yesterday and overall (no surprises here) they performed as well as the current model, but i think they felt a little softer off of long/mid-iron full shots and i definitely noticed a higher launch with more spin than i'm used to.  Didn't experience any consistent major distance gains/losses, but that could also be attributable to my swing inconsistencies more than the ball characteristics.

Thanks again Titleist for allowing me to be part of your product testing! 

Rob M

Hey Mitch, I havent seen any of those test balls yet....any chance? being a former CPGA member, you know I will fill out the survey.

Mitch D

Hello Rob,
Thanks for the note and your interest in receiving TEST product.

Due to a limited to supply and an always growing Team Titleist Canada Community...TEST product was not sent to all Team Titleist Members.  Instead, a group was chosen based on a number of criteria. One of which was a completed address in their Team Titleist profile. From there, members were chosen based on profile completion, participation on discussion boards/blogs, ball type, etc.

While we would absolutely love to include every Team Titleist Member in the test panel, we simply do not have enough supply of this prototype test product to be able to do so successfully.

If you would like to participate in future Team Titleist TEST Panels please make sure your profile information is complete and you continue to interact on Team Titleist Canada on a regular basis.

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada


Shawn P.

Hey Mitch and Team Titleist,

I was able to get out and do some testing on the Prototype ProV1's. I received the test balls with Red Numbers (ProV1x). On arrival I noticed aswell the ball was a brighter white. The balls also seemed lighter than usual.

I still have more testing to do so this is just a first glance review. The balls felt firmer off the tee and on long iron shots. They seemed to go a little further then the previous model. There wasnt much spin off the tee which is what I expected to happen. For long iron shots I didn't notice anything different than a few extra yards in distance. 

Short iron shots under 150 yards were great. The ball reacted well and gave me great feeling and more confidence. On wedge shots around the green it reacted amazing aswell. Felt soft on short shots. They spin back really well and with ease. I'm not huge into spinning the ball back with previous models but I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary and it just seemed to want to spin more. 

The best part about this ball was the putting. First off I'm huge into using the AIM marker on the side of the ball. It was large enough that I didn't have to draw any lines on my ball. The balls felt soft of the face of the putter and rolled really true. I was able to lag up closer with the feel of this ball.

Thanks again Mitch and Team Titleist for including me in this test panel. I will have a more detailed review once I get a few more rounds under my belt with these.

Cheers Shawn

dustin c

I got to give the test balls a go this week !   not sure what balls i had but i liked them   hit two shots every location throughout the round not knowing what ball i hit until i got to them.  my nxt vs test ball     ball flight was the same with a little higher spin rate on the test ball moving it more left and right on shot shaping distance wise pretty much identical  .  test ball also grabbed a little harder on the greens due to higher spin.  putting  the test ball came off the face a little faster it seemed but rolled nice .  i would use this ball next season if i knew what i was hitting.  thank you titleist for including me in this test    maybe you could send me some mbs say 3i to pw  with dg s300 shatfs  to test for the next few years????   just a thought !!!!   


I played a few rounds and practice a lot with the test ball... enough so that I have answered the survey.

Initial impressions are that the ball launches a little higher and spins a little less of almost every clubs. It's easier to notice in the longer clubs (quite nice actually with the 3 wood off the deck and the 3-4 iron). With the cold and damp temperature, I did not notice any major distance gain compare to the 2011 V1x of the driver. It flew a little longer with most irons and what I liked most was the fact that it did not want to spin back as much with the 7-8-9 irons. I could still spin it a lot if needed but otherwise, it was more hop and stop from 100+. On partial wedge shots, spin and feel were similar. The test ball sometimes launched higher but still had some spin... It was a little harder to hit the low spinner from less than 60 yards. Did not notice any difference with the putter.

The major difference for me was the durability... much much better than the old one! Instead of scuffing out of bunkers (SM4 wedges) the cover simply changed colors a bit without any shredding. Great job on this!

Thanks again for including me in the test panel. Really enjoyed it!

Keep up the good work


Dylan B

I only got to play one round with these then all the courses here all closed down for winter! Which was a huge disappointment for me! Now I can not wait till Maui in December!

The link on my paper i got will not work for some reason on my Mac, Can anyone give me the proper link where i can do the survey? Thank you!!


Just tried the prototype ball the other day,(had to go south to find an open golf course) but i am very pleased with how it performed. My overall impression is that it combines the playability (and then some) of the previous version with the durability and distance of the current version. I am looking forward to putting them in play full time, having confidence in my equipment is a big deal for me so i am hoping to see some lower scores as a result.


Thank you Titleist for listening to your players and providing us with the quality equipment that we love!