Do taller players benefit from longer clubs?

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dave w

Just wondering if lengthening my clubs or buying new longer shafted clubs is really the best for my game I'm 6'2" and a 1/2 ? I have an older set of Titleist clubs that I had lengthened at the urging of my pro so I had them lengthened 1" and a 1/2 inches as a test .My distance improve but my dispersion rate increased I have played them like this for a season them just recently I switched back to my other set Titleist 755 but standard length and my accuracy skyrocketed and not much of a loss in distance so my question is when I upgrade this year should I order longer clubs or a standard set with the lie adjusted a little more toe up? Because I was thinking that the shorter shaft is... equals a little more accuracy or is that because the longer clubs I have,have extensions and that stock longer clubs would respond better because the shafts one piece and not extended like the ones I was using? and yaya I will get fit when I buy them but just curious what the real experts think would be the best before I go see them just doing my home work.

Darius V

Hi Dave:

I am 6' 2" and went through a fitting myself for my new 712 AP1's. We spent over 3 hours trying out varius club manufacturers as well as different lengths. They key for me was not simply the length of the clubs, but also the lie angle. My fitter ultimately lengthened all my irons by 1/2" and adjusted the lie angle 2' up. I thought I would use regular shafts - as I am in my late 50's now, but he felt I would be better with the stiff.

One thing he also did was take my existing wedges ( 52 and 56 ) and extended them as well by the half inch and adjusted the lie angle on them. Honestly - I have found that with the stiffer shaft and the proper length / lie angle, my accuracy has increased.

Where I really noticed the difference was in the 52' wedge. This was more obvious because it not a new club, but was adjusted based on my fitting. Where I used to hit that iron from 100 yards and get it (on average) within 25 feet of the pin, I am now hitting many more shots within 5 to 8 feet.  I do have to say - I do believe that off the shelf clubs are not right for me, and the fitting process has made a huge difference. As for he AP1's - I have knocked off 4 strokes from my handicap. (went from a 10 to a 6 through the season :-)