Several Questions for a rep. on 913 and fitting days

Started by : Nathan H |

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Nathan H

Hi, I am thinking about going to a fitting day during my trip to Arizona in a couple of weeks and had some questions.

1. What kind of launch monitor do they use?

2. How many shaft/head options are they going to have available?

3. Do I need to book ahead. If yes, then where do I book?

4. I have heard that the original diamana whiteboard can be ordered at no up-charge. Is this true?

Thanks, Nathan

Nathan H

I was thinking the one at Phoenician Golf & Racquet Club,  in scottsdale on November 11th from 10-3

Mitch D

Hi Nathan,
We just wanted to check in and ask how your trip was to Arizona and if you were able to attend one of the Titleist Fittings in the area while you were away?
If so, did all your questions get answered?
If not, please let us know if you are still interested in getting fit.

Hopefully you snuck in a few round as well! ; )

All the best,
Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada