913 Weight Kits/Individual Weights, 913F/H Tip Conversion?

Started by : Matthew S |

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Matthew S

Hey Ryan,

Just wondering what dates we are looking at to be able to purchase the weight kits and individual weights?

Also when will Titleist Canada start taking custom 910 F/H shafts back to install the new 913 tips?


PS got my driver and it looks great!

Matthew S

Thanks for the quick Ryan.

Thats perfect. Ideally just need to get a 9g red weight.  

Matthew S

Ryan, any update on either of these?

Ryan P


We have just received our individual weights; I have checked inventory and currently we have some 9G weights available.  As for the weight kits that includes all weights, we are looking for delivery in mid March. 

In regards to the tip conversion, our service will commence Feb 4th to coinicide with the launch of the NEW 913 F/H metals.  Please feel free to contact us at 1-877-928-8898 to discuss the parameters of program as there are some limitations put in place.

Ryan P - Team Titleist