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Steve H

Has anybody had a problem with their 910 wrench? I just noticed today that mine was cracked right at the base where the plastic meets the torx bit meets the plastic. If any body has any insite on this that would be great. 


Steve H 

Peter C

Same here.... My 910 wrench cracked in the exact same place.  Still fully functional, but obviously a design flaw.

Bradley L

Funny you guys posted this.  I just noticed the other day at work that our 910 Wrench is cracked in the same place.  

Mitch D

Hello Everyone,
After having the 910 Drivers on the market for 2 years, this is truly the first we have ever heard of the wrenches plastic cracking.  Even our wrenches that have been used dozens of times daily at our National Fitting Centre are still in great shape after 2 years of rigorous use.

All the being said, if your wrench is damaged to the point where it no longer works adequately with the SFT System, please let us know and we'll be sure to look into replacing it.  Of course, if you have already purchased/received a new 913 you would have received a brand new wrench with that as well.

Note: Replacing the wrench will likely result in you having to send us your currently damaged wrench through your local authorized dealer for inspection and potential/eventual replacement.

Thank you all for your feedback.
Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Matthew S

My wrench still works its just the outside plastic, not too concerned about it and now I have another one.