Fitting Event in Calgary Nov 27 - Golftown

Started by : Tim D |

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Tim D

I'd like to get fitted with the 913 Driver, would this event have different shaft options than the 4 standard stock shafts? or does anywhere in Edmonton or Calgary have more shaft options to try for this driver.  Something more on the low spin/low launch side.

Mitch D

Hi Tim,
Titleist Fitting Events at Golf Town include our Sales Rep conducting fittings with their fitting bag which includes a vast matrix of difference shafts.  So yes, they will have a number of shaft options for you.

HOWEVER, it does not appear as though Golf Town has that event listed on their website...It appears as though Nov 24th is listed at the Calgary North Store but not Nov 27th as per your post.

Golf Town Fitting Days -

Also, here is a list of Fitters in Alberta.  Country Hills is a Titleist Regional Fitting Centre and offers extensive shaft options. Ted and Dave's is also a very popular choice in Alberta as well.

Please come back and let us know where you landed up getting fit and how you enjoyed your experience.

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Tim D

Perfect, exactly what wanted to hear!  and yes stand c orrected on the date at Golftown,  thanks a bunch!