Scotty Cameron fitting/bending??

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Does anyone know of any Scotty Cameron fitters in Alberta?  Or anywhere in western Canada?

Also, any pro shops that have a Scotty Cameron lie/loft bending machine?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Thanks for the reply Mitch!

How do I go about sending my putter to the Canadian Headquarters to have the lie angle flattened out?  Do I have to send it through and authorized dealer or can I ship it myself?

Thank you.

Mitch D

You got it! You will need to send via your nearest Titleist Authorized retailer.  They can arrange shipment, pricing etc.  If you or they have any questions please have them call Titleist Canada customer service.

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada


Will they bend circle t putters here in Canada?

Ryan P


With regards to Circle T putters, due to the limited nature of them I would highly recommend sending them in via the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop for all work to be performed on it.  The team there see these putters daily and can assist in adjusting the putters to your specifications. 

Since the putter would be down there, check out some of the great aftermarket options you can add to it such as sight lines and stampings.

Visit the site by clicking

Ryan P - Team Titleist


Bruce B

Go to Simply Golf at Blackfoot & 42 Ave in Calgary and ask for Lyle. SImply Golf is a authorized Titleist fitter and they have a Scotty Cameron bending machine in the shop. They have done great work for my game and Titlest sticks.


Thanks for the reply.  I just want the lie angle flattened by 2*, and I would feel a lot safer shipping within Canada.  I guess if I have no choice I will have to send it to the custom shop.

Thanks for your time!


Thanks Bruce!!! That's what I wanted to hear. 

Looks like a little road trip to Calgary this weekend.