913 - Pouch for Wrench Kit?

Started by : Peter C |

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Peter C

I just received my new professionally fitted 913D2 Driver....waaaaaay too excited to test it out!!!! :)

I do have a question though.  I seem to recall the 910's came with a protective pouch for the wrench and manual and I did not receive one in the box.

Do I need to order one separately or should it have been in the box?


Shawn P.

That's a great point Peter. I thought it was odd too.  My order came with the wrench and manual in a plastic bag. I thought nothing of it.

Cheers Shawn

Peter C

Okay, thanks for such a speedy response on this Mitch! 

Much appreciated.


Peter C

I almost forgot.... I went to register my new driver online and the 913 models are not yet available in the list on the product registration page.... I've already emailed Titleist Canada, but thought you should also know.