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In the Jonzone

Hi there

I wanted to know if getting fit at our local centre is the right decision based on the golf balls they use.

The range balls have wear on them and no 2 are alike. The pro there is regarded as one of the best around and a certified Titleist Fitter.

I don't know how accurate from shot to shot that the range balls would be but am I to assume that all the range balls are not perfect, therefore the readings from the launch monitor will still work perfect because it's still "apples to apples"?

The ball probably won't fly as far because of the temperature drop but what am I to make of the spin rates? Will they be consistent even though the balls are not the same?

Please advise as I would like to get this done here, outdoors and before I head south in February for my golf trip.


In the Jonzone

Hi Mitch

Thank you for the timely response.

Would you recommend getting fit indoors with Pro-V1's and Trackman or getting fit outdoors with RangeBalls and Flightscope?

 I am trying to decide whether to go in the offseason to Country Hills GCC(Indoor) or the RCGA Center(Outdoor)


Mitch D

Hi Jerret,
It is very tough for us to be the judge of that.  The most important thing is that you are comfortable and confident with the end result.  Thus, if you have concerns over the consistency of the golf balls at one location and you've been fitted there recently, perhaps compare those results at the other?  It never hurts to get and 2nd opinion! ; )
Best of luck Jerret and apologies we can't provide a more definitive direction.

As an aside, it is GREAT to have you here posting and we hope to see you here again soon!  We'd love to hear how everything turns out and of course about your golf trip down south!

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Kyle G

Jerret, I'm going to jump in here if you and Mitch don't mind.. Ask the fitter at the indoor facility. if he is comfortable fitting indoors then go with him. The reason I say this is because the outdoor facility in Calgary in the winter I assume is a little chilly... Even with heaters, unless you can swing without a few layers and be very comfortable you will not be swinging true to your "in season" swing. With the controlled atmosphere indoors you can at least put your best swings forward and an experienced fitter can get a LOT of information off of a Trackman. The quality balls and better swings would outweigh seeing the ball flight in my opinion. 

And for the record if it was summer conditions I would not advocate indoor over outdoor......

Kyle German, PGA of Canada

Titleist Regional Fitting Centre (outdoor)

Northview Golf &CC

Surrey, BC