712 mb's shaft change

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Brandan E


I purchased my titleist 712mbs about 2 - 3 months ago and I have just been recently told at an indoor facility that I should get my shafts possibly changed... Which would require a shaft fitting... What would the cost be anyways to get these shafts changed and do I have to send my irons to titleist to be changed. The irons were purchased at Golf Town...


Brandan E

Hey thank you for the response.

I will definitely be sending them to titleist...


Ryan P


In regards to re-shafting, it is a service we can provide you.

My recommendation would be to take the set to a local Authorized Titleist Dealer (Golf Town included) and ask them to call in for a Return Authorization (RA) number.  At this time they will be able to discuss all costs associated with the repair. 

The clubs will be sent to our facility in Newmarket, Ontario for all work performed.  The turnaround time is very quick (assuming components are readily available) and ship back to the location in which sent the set in.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know via Team Titleist or our Customer Service line at 1-877-928-8898 ext 2 for clubs.

Ryan P - Team Titleist

Brandan E

Thank you Ryan for the heads up info...

Shawn P.

If I were to provide a set shafts (KBS Tours) would Titleist install them for me? Or would I have to purchase the shafts through Titleist? If you guys could get back to me that would awesome.

Thanks Shawn

Ryan P


With regards to re-shafting, all components must be purchased through our repair department.  Unfortunately we could not accept shafts from an outside source. 

Our shafts go through a strict-quality control process in which we can determine their origin and verify our strict tolerances.

Ryan P - Team Titleist

Shaun D


I recently purchased AP2 712 with s300.

great feel and dispersion but 1 - 1.5 clubs shorter than my old AP2 with Project x 5.5... 


7 iron used to be 170.

Have you heard similar comments re 712s?

Friend just got s300 XP and he is finding the same thing....

Hope to get this sorted out.