Question about Lie Angle change

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Gordon P

Hi there,

So I was recently fitted for a new set of irons, and apparently I need my irons to be bent 1.5 degrees upright. I'm currently using miz's and I'm wanting to place a custom order for a set of AP2's; however, I wanted to ask a question regarding lie angles first.

I noticed that the AP2's manufactured with a higher lie angle than what I currently use, for example, the 4-iron in an AP2 comes standard at 61 degrees, whereas the miz is standard at 60 degrees. Therefore, if I was fitted to bend my irons 1.5 degrees upright with my current set, does that mean if I order a set of AP2's, I should have them bent only 0.5 degrees upright instead of 1.5 because the standard lie angles are more upright?

Thank you!