NEW Titleist Pro V1 'Amateur' TV Spot

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Team Titleist Staff

Mitch D

Have you seen the NEW 2013 Titleist Pro V1 'Amateur' TV Spot?

We shot the spot at Emerald Hills Golf Club in Stouffville, Ontario.  Of course, since we shot it locally, we couldn't resist inviting some of our most avid and loyal Team Titleist Members to participate.  Team Titleist Member, Dave T landed up in the final cut around the :52 second mark.

Thanks to Dave T and all of the other Team Titleist Members who participated in the casting call and TV shoot!

This spot will air for the first time at The Northern Trust on February 15th and 16th.

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Dave T.

Well said Shawn, I totally agree and echo your comments.

Thanks again Mitch and Team Titleist for the experience.

                              Dave T.


Dave T, can I get an autograph please?  

See you soon... 

Darius V

This is soooooo cool !!

What a great idea for Titleist to invite local amateur players to give them a chance to participate in a commercial. This type of opportunity is an awesome way to develop long term relationships between the public players and Titleist. No doubt Dave and many of his friends will be loyal TT members for years to come.

It is also pretty cool that we have this blog to give us a chance to see that Dave T. is an amateur much like us. The commercial itself does note him as an amateur, however through the blog, we actually (kinda) know him as well !

Congrats Dave !


Dave T.

Thanks Darius for those kind words. Your right, it was an absolute

awesome experience shooting that commercial. I was before and

always will be a loyal TT member as well as a Titleist/ FJ product

user and avocate.

                        Cheers, Dave T.

Tom E

Well done guys!!  I never knew that people from this forum had such an opportunity and to be so close to home!  You killed it and I am enviuos.  Hopefully one day, I will get a chance.  Sounded like and must have been a blast.  I am very new to TT and as you can see slowly building my dream set.  Can't wait for the Golf Show this weekend.  Probably dropping some $$$ to get my woods and hybrid.  Then I need a bag to put this all in, lol.   And like I stated before.....TT Belt Buckle

Mitch D

Great to have you here Tom! We look forward to interacting with you.  If you have any questions BRAND NEW 913 Fairway and Hybrid product which hit stores last week and earlier this week please don't hesitate to let us know!

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Dave T.

Welcome aboard Tom, great to have another TT member.

I happen to be working this weekend at the golf show, so

come on by to NGW and I would be more than happy to set 

you up with  some fantastic 913 woods and hybrids. FYI-

there will be a hitting area to try them out as well as the

Titleist rep to answer your questions, if I can't ( which

won't be the case, ha ha ).

         Cheers, Dave T.