910 Surefit Adapters

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Shawn P.

I recently purchased some real deal aftermarket shafts. (Graphite Design Tour AD & Oban Kiyoshi) that i would like to play in my 910 clubs. I would like to have the tips pulled from two demo clubs that I bought from GolfTown and was wondering if this is something Titleist could do. I had GolfTown pull a tip before from a 910 Driver shaft and I wasn't pleased with the result. The paint on the adapter was flaking off from too much heat applied. Any insight on this or direction to a place that won't let this happen. As this will affect resale value if I decide to sell the shafts later.

Thanks Shawn

Shawn P.

Thanks for the quick response Ryan. I kinda figured that would be the case. I will just have to stick with GolfTown for getting the work done on the 910 shafts. That way I can place my order for those shafts in the 913 line up through you guys. Kind of disappointing that I can't use these shafts in my new 913 metals. Gets pretty expensive that way.

Thanks again Shawn

Mark H

Hi Ryan,

I've got a 910 D3 with a Diamana Blue Board X63 that I like, but don't love. I have had Diamana White Boards pretty much my entire career. They didn't have a white board to hit when I was fitted, so I ordered the blue board.

My question is, I have been informed that the white board X63 is no longer available. Is this correct? I would do just about anything to get my hands on one from Titleist as opposed to after market...