Lie adjustment for the AP2 712 irons

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Justin D

Last year I was fitted 1 degree upright for a new set of ap2 irons.  After hitting them for a year, I became very consistent. Just a few days ago, I stupidly decided to check my lie using the tape at GT. (I did hit the driving range before).  After several consistent shots with different clubs, the tape evidently showed I needed another 2 degrees upright (making a total of 3).  Long story short, I got them bent at GT, could not hit my 4 or 5 iron and then had them bent back to 1 degree upright from standard. I therefore have a few questions:

1- Is it bad that the clubs have been bent 3 times?  Will performance be affected?

2- I read in another article about the chrome crimping if you go above 2 degrees upright.  What does crimping look like?  I have almost unnoticeable dips in the chrome where it was bent, but no wrinkles or edges can be felt.

3- Will the clubs bend out of shape more easily now that they have been bent 3 times?

As you may have guessed, I take good care of my clubs and am obsessed :P  Any help would greatly be appreciated, thanks.

Justin D

Thanks I really appreciate your help! So would I have received a 2 degree upright head or a standard head if my clubs were first custom ordered with 1 degree upright? Also are they bent before chroming if custom ordered? Lastly, what does crimping look like? Is there a picture I could be directed to ? I just don't want the chrome to flake off. Thanks and that's all the questions ill ask lol. 

Alex Z

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the explanation. Could you clarify one thIng. You mention ap2's are standard lie and 2 degrees upright. Di you mean stand lie and two degrees strong?



John V

When the heck is Titleist gonna put out a nice looking golf bag????

Matthew S

What Ryan means is they manufacture the AP2 in std and 2* upright heads so when custom clubs are ordered they can use the closest to the order and not have to bend as much. Reduces stress marks

Alex Z

Thanks for clarifying Matt

Darius V

Thanks for the explanation...  When I got my clubs from the fitter, we ordered the 2' up and they seemed perfect. I have read on other sites that often when custom clubs are ordered, they are not always delivered at exactly the correct lie angle. So I feel more confident that since Titleist actually builds them to the 2' up in the first place, mine would actually not have to have been adjusted and should be accurate.



Ryan P


We understand! Nothing wrong with being a little obsessed with your clubs, I know I am.

As for the bending and rebending of clubs; although not recommended to continually do so, it is known that swings do change over time and additional bending may be needed.  The performance of the clubs will not be affected.  As for the crimping of the chrome, this may happen due to the stress of changing of the lie angle.  Usually this would occur if you bend from say 1*flat to 4* upright.  With our AP2's we actually have standard lie and 2* upright heads and try to not bend more than 2* in order to eliviate any potential stress marks.  In your situation of bending a max of 2* (very small change) I believe you will be fine and the clubs will not bend any easier than if they were new.

Ryan P - Team Titleist

If the standard lie on AP2's are 2* UP, what is it for CB's and MB's? I'm about to order a full set and am fitted for 1* flat. What should I order specs wise to assure they are a true 1* flat? I am currently using TM CB's.