Pro V1 Giveaway

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Alex Z

Yet again Titleist comes through with a fantastic sweepstakes. Good luck everyone. With any luck we will be able to start using these in a month. Spring cant come soon enough.

Mitch D

Hi F.J.L,
The only issue with the Sweepstakes was related to the eNews link not successfully linking folks to the Sweepstakes.  However, if you visited the Sweepstakes page and entered accordingly we will have your entry. 

Once way to double check it to try entering again.  If the site does not allow you then you know you've already entered as folks can only enter once and are the eligible for all the drawings after that.

So in short, if you entered on March 1st or later and the site acknowledged as such after your submission, then you are good to go.
Thanks for checking and apologies once again for any confusion!

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada


Okay and thanks Mitch!  I went back to the Sweepstakes Entry and it accepted my submission so am eligible as of today.  Hope that loosing the past week since I thought I entered, won't affect my chances.

carol m

Oh dear, should have read this 1st - I entered yesterday and today.  Oops, hope I didn't disqualify myself. 

Alex Z

Will winners be posted as well as e-mailed or just e-mailed?

Mitch D

Hi Alex,
Winners will be emailed once a week.  When the week concludes all winners from each drawing that week will be notified that they won via email.  Once we receive confirmation from those winners their prize will be sent and received in 3-5 business days depending on location.

Winners will be posted on the website at the conclusion of the Sweepstakes period at the end of the month.

Good luck!!!

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Bilal M

Good luck to all TT members who entered into the sweepstake! It would be nice to start off the season with a dozen new Pro V's. Cheers!!

-Bilal M.

Alex Z

Thanks Mitch. Good luck again to all the TT members out there. Just over a month till the official season is open ( for handicapping anyway)



Darius V

Many thanks...

I believe I did enter a second time after receiving an e-mail from titleist noting there had been some sort of a problem with the web page, however I would assume that given the entry was identical to the first it will be disregarded.

I appreciate your feedback and thanks for the opportunity to participate in the sweepstakes.

Alex Z

Any Winners?

Andrew H

Yup, got the congratulations email last Wednesday!! Chose Pro V1x- can't wait for Spring!

Thank you to Mitch D. and all the staff at Team Titleist and Acushnet Golf Canada!!

Shawn P.

Congrats Andrew!! Is there any other winners out there?? I'm still hoping for that glorious email telling me I've won. Still some time left to try and snag some of these beauties.

Cheers Shawn

Kris B

Congratulations Andrew!   I live in BC and the beautiful Fraser Valley has been great for golf this year.  Sure would be wonderful to win some Pro V1 balls.  A few days left and still hoping.   Good luck all...

Andrew H

 Thanks guys and I hope you get the good emails soon too!

As far as our weather goes, LOL...We had ~10 cm of snow last night so relegated to just surfing this website, reading Golf Digest and watching the Golf channel

Mike H

Last week !!!!!!!!